Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching

Sleep coaching, like sports coaching and executive mentoring, is simply a mechanism to enable someone to move from where they are to where they want to be.


If the coachee or participant isn’t wanting to move on, no form of coaching will succeed.  Similarly, if the participant doesn’t know where they want to get to, they are unlikely to be satisfied with the process.  In most cases, sleep coaching participants already appreciate that with better sleep they can perform better, feel less stress and operate with greater confidence.


For most, sleep coaching is straightforward.  The participant is very aware that they are feeling tired and they probably know that their sleep isn’t as it should be.  The sleep coach’s role is to gain a clear understanding of the participant’s symptoms in order to diagnose the nature of sleep disruption that is in play.  The sleep coach can then work with the participant to establish techniques and behaviours that will lead to restful and effective sleep.


Suggestions may include:

  • Pre-sleep relaxation routines
  • Improvements to sleep environments
  • Anxiety management
  • Reduction in caffeine
  • Techniques for getting to sleep
  • Strategic napping
  • Exercise routines


Sleep coaching is easy to access, takes very little time and can lead to dramatic improvements within a few weeks.  For some, a different intervention is required, if this is the case the sleep coach can direct the participant towards more appropriate remedies.  Start with an initial consultation to assess your sleep effectiveness and what’s required to achieve your goals.


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